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There are many things to make a successful match in the Justice League. In the new player guide, you will learn how to control your generals, the structures you will encounter on the battlefield, and play through the Guide. Once you're ready, you'll join the first battle of the legendary League of Champions. .

Why Choose League of LegendS to play?

  • Generals and equipment

    The League of Legends gives players a wide choice with generals, with each generals a design and typical play style. Here players can see the whole team of generals and find out the character of his interest.

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    Custom Hero

    As a hero, players use tools to assist their generals on the battlefield. Jade, complementary and auxiliary tables allow the player to customize his hero to suit his style of play.

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    The play mode

    The battlefields are divided into two main modes: Tradition and Flags. Traditional Fighting mode requires the player to destroy an enemy's main house while protecting his or her home. Hijacking mode requires the player to keep a large number of base points on the map to deal damage to the enemy's main house.

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    Gcafe Cup

    Gcafe Cup is a tournament for amateur teams. This is a place for gamers to exchange as well as learn experience, as the premise to step up professional.

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    The Law of Heroes

    The Heroic Law is a model of positive behavior both inside and outside the Battlefield Justice. The content of the Code encourages players to act as a team, give constructive feedback, establish relationships and help new players.

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League of LegendS Edition 8.7

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